Party without games is just a meeting!

Rent a game 20 EUR (for a weekend)

If You are planning party, don’t worry about entertainment elements. Just order some of our big garden games. All will be happy to have fun and play big games.

Looking for wedding games for guests. BigGames rental offers exciting games for weddings. Games will be a great helper for the presenters and the young couple to create a play corner and entertain guests.

We provide everyone's favorite’s games as Circus, Ludo, Checkers, Jenga, Puzzle, Memory and also other game variants are available for rent. To see all offer, please visit SHOP.

BigGames large format games are made of waterproof materials, so they can be used according to the event plan. They can be placed in the yard, on the sandy beach, on terrace, and also in the living room or gym.

The rental package includes all the elements of the game and a guide. As well, it is easy to carry and install.

Personal game production and sale

If you want to buy big garden games, order them from us, we will make large outdoor games according to your wishes.

Purchase classic large format games such as we offer for rent, or send your wishes and ideas, we will make special design games just for you.

To find out the prices for different games, please download Catalogue.

When ordering a set, we offer -

  • create a unique design game just for you;
  • on the print area put your name, logo, or other design elements;
  • make personalized dice;
  • resize the area.

Games like Puzzle, Domino or Memory are made of laminated plywood, which is varnished to keep the image in high quality for a long time.

BigGames fulfills the order within 10 working days from the design approval. 


Cotton candy machine - rent for only 35.00 EUR!
A professional cotton candy making machine will give you the opportunity in one minute make up to seven servings and enjoy a delicious cotton candy.
  • Home parties - 35.00 EUR for one day (withdrawal from 9:00 return until 21:00).
  • Home parties - 40.00 EUR for two days (you can take out in the previous day and return after party).
  • The price includes sugar and 20 wooden sticks.

Bērnu izgatavots DominoDOMINO made by children - we work hard to make your party a success. The rental group has been supplemented by a large DOMINO, this game was made by kids - Eliza and Matiss. By renting a large Dominoes, you will have a good time and also help children feel the results of their work. Rent for the weekend - 10 EUR !!!

LIELIE BURTILARGE LETTERS - it is fun team game. Think of the thematic words for your party and play the LARGE LETTER blind game! First close eyes for each player, then give one or more letters, tell the puzzle and pick up time. Participants, as soon as possible, must recognize the letters and changing them with each others need to complete the puzzle word mentioned by the game manager.


SOFT BOWLING - is a great activity if the event takes place indoors and wants to offer guests an activity. The main rule is with the first throw or as soon as possible to knock down all pins.

NOVUSS is the Latvian national sport. Don't stay away and challenge your party guests to a Novuss match.

KROKETSCROQUET is an exciting game for spending time in the garden or beach. It is also easy for children to understand.

XL puzle. Lielformāta puzle. Dārza spēles. Lielās spēles. Dāvana kāzās.

If you want to sharpen your mind while enjoying the summer, we offer to rent a large garden PUZZLE. Puzzle size 80x60cm with 48 pieces. In addition, the large puzzle can be ordered personalized with a picture or photo of your choice, it will be a wonderful gift for a wedding or other holiday.

XL Atmiņas spēle. Spēļu noma. Lielformāta atmiņas spēle. Dārza spēles.You like to play memory games, and want to enjoy it outside. We offer to rent or buy XL MEMORY game. Train your memory and enjoy the summer!