Floor stickers are a great way to fresh up a room. As well as an effective tool that will attract the attention of every passer-by. Using educational floor stickers will help children to acquire new knowledge in a relaxed way, as well as to strengthen the existing ones - by passing the information material several times a day.
In addition, stickers made by BigGames can also be used as an element of games or sports lessons. For example, asking children to stand on the spring months, name the contrasting words, play the elements used in the Display Game aloud, jump the multiplication path, and use the existing floor stickers in a different and more creative way.
We offer more than twenty different laminate floor stickers - Alphabet, Numbers, Hopscotch, Multiplication, Parts, Seasons, Mirror me, Balance trail and others.
To find out all the offer, sizes and prices, please visit SHOP - FLOOR STICKERS.
All stickers can be customized in colors, designs and sizes to suit your preferences and capabilities.

For additional fee we also offer sticking.
If you want something special, contact us by calling 26450906 or writing to [email protected].





Latvian map

Balance trail

Vitamin circle

Latvian mapBalance trailVitamin circle

Healthy food

Color circle of good words


Healthy foodColor circle of good wordsSeasons

Mirror me



Mirror mePartsMultiplication

Solar systems planets


Clock - Compass

Solar systems planetsTwisterClock - Compass


Conveyor ruler

Alphabet - ENG

PianosConveyor rulerAlphabet - ENG


Jump on the foot

Emoji stickers

CalculatorJump on the footEmoji stickers

Wood disc

Long jumping

Balance trail with numbers (ENG)

WOOD DICSLONG JUMPINGBalance trail with numbers (ENG)