Games production and sale

Production of large format games is personalized, because we work with each client individually. Including the customer's name, logo or other identity in the game design, as well as agreeing on the desired size.
To find out the prices for different games, please visit SHOP -> PRODUCTION.

We cooperate with private clients, schools, kindergartens, municipalities, guest houses and other companies.

  • Come and relax at Rakari Guest House or enjoy a delicious meal at MARE Beach Bar and play Circus.
  • Our games children are playing in diiferent kindergartens, for example institutions of Cēsis, Valmiera, Mārupe, Stopiņi, Iecava, Madona, Tukums, Preiļi, Ventspils and other regions.
  • Visit the Turaida Museum Reserve and play a specially designed game "Turaida Castle Fortress - Defense and Attack".
  • In the golden autumn, go to the beautiful Kraslava Castle, there will are an opportunity to play several games made by BigGames.
  • "May Count's Feast 2020" in Riga Vērmane Park had the opportunity to play the unique Medieval Circus.

 Order classic large format games or send your wishes and ideas, we will make special games just for you.

A new game has been developed for the Turaida Museum Reserve in accordance with the theme of the exhibition "Turaida Castle Fortress - Defense and Attack". A circular base has been made, as well as printed veneer knights have been created instead of the usual game cones.

Several large format games have been made for the needs of Kraslava Castle. A unique wooden block puzzle with children's drawings included, as well as a Memory Game, where you can enjoy the magic of the castle garden. And the usual checkers, but with personalized dice. As well as the Circus - in a new form, depicting the castle garden on the base and creating the game Golden Key of Kraslava Castle.

A personalized circus game with a Middle Ages theme.

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We will work to make your holiday successfuly.